Provincial Officers Dinner 6th April 2018

The Isle of Wedmore Golf Club was the venue for this years Provincial Dinner. Over sixty brethren and their wives/partners enjoyed a very good meal and great company. The Provincial Grand Master, John Morgan gave the only speech of the evening, brief and to the point. "Thank you all for coming, I hope you have enjoyed your evening. A special thanks of course to the Provincial Senior Grand Warden, Barrie Baker for organising the event and the staff of Wedmore Golf club."
A good time was had by all!

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Provincial Team BBQ - 2015


The rain stopped just in time!

The now happily established Annual Provincial Team BBQ took place again this August in the peaceful countryside at Portbury hosted by our Deputy PGM Phil & his lady Gill in their tranquil back garden. Well it was happily tranquil on the day, but the previous evening’s preparations were somewhat halted as Phil witnessed his over-large marquee, carefully protecting chairs & tables for 40 guests from the thunder & lightening of the day before, take off & sail merrily up the garden!
Come the day of the event, the marquee re-pegged more firmly & with the rain still coming down like stair-rods, Phil thought he’d better rename the forthcoming occasion the Royal Ark Mariners outing in case Noah dropped in with his ark!
Happily at the witching hour, the rain stopped, the sun came out from behind the clouds & welcomed the new Provincial Team members & their ladies.
The afternoon was a great success, lots of chat, old friends met & new ones made, with drinks to suit everyone & Phil resplendent in shorts & spatula at the hot end of the BBQ. Salads, couscous & many other tempting dishes accompanied Phil’s expertise. Later followed a mouth-watering selection of sweets from Gill.
All remarked it was a wonderful occasion, cheerfully bringing the new team members together that ensured a happy familiarity at the next more formal team visit. The sight of our PGM John clearing the tables & collecting the rubbish, put a smile on many a happy face;
well done sir!
…Copy/Pics, Pat Morissey

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