William Long Lodge of MMM No 191

Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Burnham on Sea TA8 1NX. 18.30 0n the third Friday of January, March, May and October (Installation). The Lodge has 44 subscribing members.
Officers - appointed 16th October 2015
Worshipful Master - Neil Dashfield
Senior Warden - Richard Kilburn
Junior Warden - Alva Excell
Master Overseer - Michael Jarvis
Senior Overseer - Paul Jarvis
Junior Overseer - Matthew Jarvis
Chaplain - Chris Beckett
Treasurer -
Keith Fisher
Registrar of Marks - John Tossell
Secretary -
Geoffrey Nash
Director of Ceremonies - Terry Arlow
Almoner -
Chris Beckett
Charity Steward - Keith Fisher
Senior Deacon - Revely Stevens
Junior Deacon - Brian Fry
Assistant D of C - John Chinn
Organist - vacant
Assistant Secretary - Ted Toon
Inner Guard - Ian Evans
Stewards - Will Human
Tyler - J McHardy
Past Masters of the Lodge
1976 Mick Thatcher PGJD
1981 Geoffrey Nash
1984 Trevor Cooper
1985 Jim McLaughlan JW
1988 Tony Lewis JO
1989 Don Smith SW
1992 Gordon Kingston JO
1996 Keith Fisher PGStdB
1998 Joe Wignall MO
1999 Brian Watkis SO
2000 Alva Excell Stwd
2004 David Jenkins
2005 John Chinn SD
2007 John Nicholas SD
2008 Arthur Miller JD
2009 Terry Arlow Stwd
Chris Beckett SD
2011 Fred Body StdBr
2012 Wynne Jones Assit Chap
2013&14 Julian Frost

Past Masters in the Lodge

John Tossell PGJD

William Long Lodge News and Events

2015 Installation meeting

I had the pleasure of escorting the Provincial Grand Secretary to the installation meeting of William Long Mark lon the 16th October for the installation.
The installing Master, W Bro Julian Frost, following his two years as Master, installed W Bro Neil Dashfield into the chair. He, in turn appointed and invested Bro Richard Kilburn as his senior Warden and W Bro Alva Excell as his junior warden.
The next three officers were quite unusual, as the overseers were as Master, Mike Jarvis and his two sons, Paul Jarvis as Senior and Matt Jarvis as Junior.
A great evening was enjoyed by all who attended.

Words and photos - Mark Golding.
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The Bros Jarvis, Overseers all.
Paul, Mike and Matt

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Master- Neil Dashfield,flanked by Richard Kilburn and Alva Excell with PG Secretary John Smith and Prov Deputy DC Mark Golding.

  • May 2011 - Three Past PGMs

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    At the William Long meeting on 20th May three Right Worshipful Brethren were present to see Paul Jarvis advanced. All are honorary members of the Lodge. The photo shows Rt.W.Bro. Ron Smith,(Past P.G.M. for Bristol) the candidate , Bro. Paul Jarvis, Rt.W.Bro.Ron Bates, (Past P.G.M. for Bristol), The Master of William Long, Chris Beckett and Rt.W.Bro Tony Hick,(Past P.G.M.
    for Somerset)
  • Installation meeting October 2010

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    Installation meeting 15th October 2010.
    Terry Arlow installed his successor Chris Beckett in an excellent manner watched by many members and visitors. The Lodge Charity Steward presented the PGM with a cheque for £500 for his appeal for St John Ambulance (and talking dogs). The address to the Master was given by the PGM, to the Wardens by RWB George Lee, Past PGM of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire, to the Overseers by Keith Fisher and to the Brethren by John Tossel. An explanation of the Keystone Jewel was given to the new Master by W.Bro David Jenkins the Craft PGM. It was a very happy meeting, with 2 candidates proposed it looks like good year ahead!
    The photo shows the new Master Chris Beckett with the PGM and members of the Provincial team.
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    New Honorary members.
    16th October 2010 - After many years of dedicated service, not just to the William Long Lodge but to all the Lodges in Burnham, Brother Stan Woodberry is made an honorary member of the Lodge. He is congratulated here by the new Master Chris Beckett. At the same meeting another long serving and distinguished member, W.Bro Herbert Hatch was also made an honorary member.
    Bro Stan Woodberry is congratulated by the Master Chris Beckett.
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