Nailsea Lodge No 1548

Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Nailsea Park, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1BA at 18.30 on the second Monday of January, March, May and November (Installation). The Lodge has 44 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Monday 9th November 2015

Worshipful Master - Martin Slocombe
Senior Warden - Austin Chivers
Junior Warden - Richard Burlinson
Master Overseer - Paul Rabbits
Senior Overseer - Colin Fraser
Junior Overseer - Mike Holden-Wadsworth
Chaplain - Phil Reed
Treasurer - Colin Basson
Registrar of Marks - Brian Hughes
Secretary -
Philip Thorne
Director of Ceremonies - Ben Ambler
Almoner - Graham Chipperfield
Charity Steward - James Tonkin
Senior Deacon - Barry Osborne
Junior Deacon - David Palmer
Assistant D of C - Alan Rogers
Organist - Paul Jones (Guest)
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Philip Mills
Stewards - David Sidwell, Steve Chapman
Tyler - David Wasmuth

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1985 Peter Cooper PGSD
1990 Brian Hughes SW
1997 Cliff Hannabuss
1999 Walter Wood SW
2000 Barry Osborne SD
2001 Andy Cameron SwdB
2002 Philip Thorne MO
2003 Graham Chipperfield JD
2004 & 2005 Ben Ambler JO
2006 Alan Rogers JD
2007 Austin Chivers SD
2008 Colin Basson SW
2009 Richard Ellis Reg
2012 Ted Guy Assist Std Br
2013&14 Jon Mansell JD

Derek Shailer PGJD
Peter Cornall SW

Nailsea Lodge News and Events

  • January 2014 - Donation to Skeletal Cancer Action Trust

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    The first meeting in 2014 of Nailsea Mark Lodge 1548 witnessed the giving of a cheque for £500 to Iris-May, 8 years old the granddaughter of W.Bro Ben Ambler. Iris-may has Ollier's disease a rare form of bone cancer occurring in 1 in 100,000 live births, it affects the long bone and growth plates of her body. The condition will affect all her bones but at present it is more prominent on her left side especially her left hand. This has meant her fingers haven't grown at the rate they should have caused by the growth affecting her knuckles. She deals with a lot of pain and struggles with mundane day to day tasks. She is an amazing little girl who never complains, she just carries on and adjusts life where she needs to.
    SCAT (Skeletal Cancer Action Trust) is her charity which is the only charity doing research into this condition. She has managed to raise £5000, in the past five years since she was diagnosed.
    The Worshipful Master, Jon Mansell and Very Worshipful Bro Cliff Hannabuss, Lodge Charity Steward presented the cheque to Sarah Smith Iris's mother. The first Picture Iris sitting next to and in the W/Ms chair, next, W/Ms Jon Mansell, and Cliff Hannabuss, then Iris saying thank you to the lodge. Click photo to see gallery
  • Nailsea Lodge Banner

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    The Nailsea Lodge Banner.
    Presented in 2003 when Philip Thorne was Master of the Lodge. Phil compiled the artwork for the banner from Peter Cooper's original idea, other past masters were also involved in the design including of course Charles Cornish.

    In the center of the banner is the keystone, the symbol of the degree and inside that the figure of the Nailsea glass blower. The glass blowers statue can be seen just along the road from the Masonic Hall on the site of the Old Nailsea Glass Works, now the local Tesco. The design is intended to portray in layers the various elements required for glass manufacture. The sea for transportation and Nailsea was once surrounded by sea and then the land, the seam of coal and the open countryside surrounding the town.

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    Nailsea RAM Banner.

    For more information about Nailsea Glass go to
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