Irwin Lodge No 119

Meets at the Masonic Hall, Bath Road Keynsham, Bristiol BS31 1SR at 18.45 on the third Monday in March (Installation), September and November. Next meeting Monday 21st 2011. A talk on the degree of Royal Ark Mariner by the Deputy PGM W Bro Ray Guthrie, all Mark Master Masons are welcome.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed 21st March 2011.

Worshipful Commander
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Director of Ceremonies
Charity Steward
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Assistant D of C
Assistant Secretary


Past Commanders of the
Irwin Lodge of RAM No 119

1978 Trevor Ewins RAMGR
1984 Pat Parker RAMGR
1986 Ray Ling RAMGR
1988 Ron Babbage RAMGR
1996 Ray Guthrie RAMGR
1997 Tony Fisher RAMGR
1999 Edgar Mining PrGR
2000 Bob Newman PrGR
2002 Fred Parsons RAMGR
2003 Dave Forman
2004 Neil Hawes
2005 Roy Thompson
2006 Keith Surry
2007 Val Cooke
2008 Graham Jeffery
2010 John Bathe-Taylor PrGR

Toby Hammond
John Muskett
Eddie Cannon
Bob Newman
Keith Surry
Neil Hawes
Val Cooke
Graham Jeffery
Ray Guthrie
Paul Giblin
Peter Doust
Graham Jeffery


David Dixon
David Bishop
David Hayward
Peter Martin

Number of subscribing members; 34


Scribe Neil Hawes -
Treasurer Keith Surry

Irwin Lodge News and Events

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15th November 2010 - Brethren of the Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners, Taunton sail the Travelling Ark to the Irwin Lodge at Keynsham. In the photo left to right Sidney French, David Bates, Terry Haggett, John Bathe Taylor and Richard Francis.