Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge No 348

Meets at the Masonic Hall, The Crescent, Taunton TA1 4EB at 18.30 on the second Friday in January April (Installation) and October.

Next Meeting; Friday 14th October 2011 at 6.30pm. Ceremony -

Officers of the Lodge - appointed 8th April 2011.

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Worshipful Commander
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Director of Ceremonies
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Assistant D of C


Past Commanders of the
Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge No 348

1973 David Graves RAMGR
1989 Terry Wood RAMGR
1990 Tony Hick RAMGR
1991 Bill Tucker PrGR
1993 Tony Chapman RAMGR
1994 Peter Knapman RAMGR
1995 Richard Stranger PrGR
2001 Colin Scull PrGR
2003 Derek Townson PrGR
2004 Peter Roworth PrGR
2005 David Bates
2006 John Curtis
2007 George Small
2008 Les Johnson
2009 David Lampard
2010 John Winston

Past Commanders in the Lodge

David Hartley RAMGR

Terry Leach
Peter Clapperton
David Hammacott
David Bates
Colin Scull
Terry Wood
Peter Knapman
Chris Dyer
John Howlett
Terry Haggett
Tony Chapman
Barry Renwick
Jimmy Durant
Sidney French
Tony Hopwood
Matt Clothier
Rod Green
Tony Drew

Nigel Hanbury

Number of subscribing members; 46


Scribe - Terry Wood 'Milindi" 15 Quantock Close, North Petherton, Somerset TA6 6TA Tel 01278 662689
Treasurer - Colin Scull

Fidelity and Unanimity Lodge News and Events

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Installation Night 8th April 2011.
John Winston made an excellent job of installing his successor in the Chair, the photo shows Deputy PGM - Ray Guthrie with the new Junior Warden - David Hammacott, Commander - Teryy Leach and Senior Warden - Peter Clapperton.