Somerset Commanders Lodge No 1652

Meets at the Masonic Hall, Burham on Sea TA8 1NX on the fourth Saturday in February (Installation) and the second Saturday in June. (times vary)
Next meeting Saturday 11th June 2011.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed 9th March 2011.

Worshipful Commander
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Director of Ceremonies
Charity Steward
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Assistant D of C
Assistant Scribe


Past Commanders of the
Somerset Commanders Lodge
No 1652

1996 Dickie Dodsworth RAMGR
1999 Terry Wood RAMGR
2000 John Massey PrGR
2001 Joe Hawkins PrGR
2002 Trevor Cooper RAMGR
2004 Ian Cox RAMGR
2005 John Penny RAMGR
2006 Alan Webber RAMGR
2007 Bill Shorey RAMGR
2008 David Platten PrGR
2009 John Lendon RAMGR
2010 Matt Westley

Tony Snook
Bryan Foster
Derek Townson
Terry Wood
Bob Cole
Peter Boice
Trevor Cooper
Ray Guthrie
Geoff Nash
Trevor Burton
Fred Parsons
Walter Wood
Fred Parsons
Mike Waterman
Sid Brailey
Mike Jakins
John Morey
Peter Atkins
Graham Gamble
Barrie Baker

Number of subscribing members; 35


Scribe Peter Boice
Treasurer Bob Cole

Somerset Commanders Lodge News and Events

Installation 2011
Saturday 26th February at 11.00am at the Masonic Hall Burnham on Sea, Commander Matt Westley is anxious to get on with the job and install his successor Tony Snook. However Tony has suddenly been taken ill and he isn't going to be able to be there. Everyone is concerned for our Commander Elect's health but we soon learn that the problem is not too serious and Tony should make a full recovery in a few days. All is well the Commander opens the Lodge completes all other business and closes. The members enjoy their lunch and continue on their way.
The meeting is re-arranged, by dispensation, for Wednesday 9th March at Nailsea, to coincide with the meeting of Nailsea RAM. This time everything goes to plan and W.Bro Matt Westley installs W.Bro Tony Snook as Commander of the Lodge. Unfortunately as the meeting has been only 11 members are present but most stay on for the Nailsea RAM meeting immediately afterwards and enjoy the festive board afterwards.
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