Team of Development and Improvement

The Somerset Mark and Royal Ark Mariner Team of Development and Improvement, will perform the ceremonies when invited to do so by any Lodge in the Province.


Originally the Somerset Mark & Royal Ark Mariner Demonstration Team, was first formed when the then Provincial Grand Master, David Nelson saw a possible need for some assistance to be given to Lodges throughout the Province. The name was changed by our new PGM, R.W.Bro John G Morgan on his appointment to better reflect the purpose of the team.
The Team is available to attend Lodge meetings to demonstrate the ceremony of Advancement or Elevation and also to give advice and instruction when requested and it must be emphasised that they only attend when requested. It was not as some were inclined to believe to be an elite group. Over recent years the Team have performed ceremonies in many Lodges. These evenings have always been very successful, the ritual well perfumed and well received. Another plus is that with usually 12 members of the team at most demonstrations so the Lodge attendance is swelled. The team was not only chosen for their ability to deliver ritual but also as individuals who enjoy the company of their hosts.
The team are available for the following:
Mark : Ceremony of advancement/Mark Lecture and a short paper on the Royal Ark Mariner Degree.
RAM : Ceremony of Elevation/RAM Tracing board/Paper on the RAM degree.
If the team can be of assistance to any Lodge they will endeavour to make themselves available at your request.

Derek Wilton

Contact - Preceptor - Derek Wilton Tel - 01275 878337

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191 RAM Tracing Board
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