Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Old Orchard Street, Bath. BA1 1JU at 18.30 on the second Wednesday of February, March (installation), October and November. The Lodge has 36 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Wednesday 13th March 2019

Worshipful Master - Justin Hawkins
Senior Warden - Richard Thurston
Junior Warden - Geoff Ifill
Master Overseer - Peter Martin
Senior Overseer - Tony Carter
Junior Overseer -
Chaplain - Ian Cox
Treasurer - Keith Surry
Registrar of Marks - Richard Cooper
Secretary -
David Dixon
Director of Ceremonies - Mike Jakins
Almoner - Tony Carter
Charity Steward - Richard Chivers
Senior Deacon - Simon Lingard
Junior Deacon - Stuart Henry
Assistant D of C -
Organist - Denis Calderley
Assistant Secretary -
Inner Guard - Brian Mogg
Stewards - v
Tyler - Derran Lobb

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1979 Denis Calderley PGJO
1984 John Morey
1987 Len Burden JW
1990 Ian Cox
1992 Rex Emery JD
1994 Ron Babbage
1998 Gordon Poulson SO
2000 Michael Jakins MO
2001&2 Jeremy Barber SD
2003 Michael Niles IofW
2004 Richard Cooper
2005 Trevor Burton MO
2006 Richard Thurston SO
2007 Tony Carter MO
2009 Richard Chivers SD
2010 Peter Martin SD
2011 Derran Lobb MO
2012 Peter Civil Assit Chap
2013 & 17 Geoff Ifill Dep Chap
2014 &18 Trevor Quartermaine IOW
2016 David Dixon Swd Br
W.Bro J M Hawkins Stwd (G& H)

Royal Cumberland Lodge News and Events


9th March 2022 - Installation and a new Mark Master Mason

Master of Royal Cumberland Lodge, Richard Cooper was proclaimed and continues in officer for a further year. With the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro Philip Voisey in attendance the Master and his officers conducted an excellent ceremony of Advancement for Bro Chris Baker of St Alphedge Lodge.
Photo - Bro Chris is congratulated and welcomed into Mark Masonry by the PGM Phil Voisey
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  • December 2019 - Donation to Parkinson's UK North Somerset Branch.

    Open or Close
    Master of Royal Cumberland Lodge, Justin Hawkins spent an enjoyable afternoon at Nailsea on 6th December, delivering the £250 charity cheque to the members of the North Somerset branch of Parkinson's UK. The organisation held a charity Christmas lunch in Nailsea Masonic Hall which was well attended by their membership, family and friends.

    It's been a busy year for Royal Cumberland Mark Lodge so far, having advanced a brother and attending the 250th anniversary of Phoenix Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 2. (See article below.) Justin is look forward to making further fraternal visits in Somerset and to the other founding Lodges off GLMMM in 2020. Any brother wishing to join him will be very welcome.

    The photo shows Jesme Fox, wife of Liam accepting the cheque for £250 on behalf of Parkinson's UK from Justin Hawkins, Master RC Lodge TI
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  • September 2019 - RC Team visits Phoenix Lodge in Portsmouth for 250th Anniversary Celebration.

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    1856 saw the foundation of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Mason. An event on which Royal Cumberland Lodge of Mark Master Masons Time Immemorial was actively involved.
    Other Lodges, of course played their part: Bon Accord (London), Old Kent (London) Northumberland & Berwick-upon-Tweed (Newcastle) and Phoenix Lodge No.2
    Phoenix, celebrated on 28th September (in the Guildhall Portsmouth) their 250th year of existence.
    As part of the ‘Foundation’ reunion program, (commenced in Bath 2014), invitations were extended to members of Royal Cumberland Lodge of Mark Master to attend the meeting at which the MW Grand Master was present.
    The members of RCLMMMTI witnessed an enactment of an Ancient Mark working by a demonstration team form Sussex. This was followed by an excellent luncheon at which over 300 dined in the Guildhall.
    Richard Cooper.
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    Gathered round the Royal Cumberland Banner, from left to right are: Bro. Keith Surrey, W.Bro’s. David Dixon (Secretary), Justin Hawkins (WM), Richard Cooper, Geoff Ifill and Michael Jakins.
  • February 2019 - A new candidate for the end of Trevor's year!

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    With the Installation of a new Master coming up next month a splendid evening was had by all at the recent meeting of the Royal Cumberland Mark Lodge in Bath. Brother Brian Mogg from St Alphege Lodge No 4095 was advanced into this marvellous degree on Wednesday night under the watchful eye of our DPGM V W Bro Phil Voisey. The ceremony was undertaken in an excellent manner by the WM W Bro Trevor Quartermaine ably assisted by the officers of the Lodge. We all wish Brother Brian a long and happy journey through all the delights Mark Masonry has to offer.
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    In the photograph form left to right are: W. Bro Richard Thurston, Senior Warden, W Bro Trevor Quartermaine, Worshipful Master, the candidate Brother Brian Mogg, V W Bro Phil Voisey DPGM and W. Bro Geoff Ifill, Junior Warden.
  • March 2018 - Installation meeting

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    On the 14th March Royal Cumberland Mark Lodge TI were delighted to welcome the PGM, R.W.Bro John Morgan to our Installation meeting when W. Bro Geoff Ifill installed W. Bro Trevor Quartermaine into the Chair for the second time. The ceremony was conducted in an exemplary manner by the Installing Master assisted by his Officers.
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    In the photograph we have (left to right) Steve McNaughton. Prov Asst GDC, Geoff Ifill - Junior Warden and Installing Master, John Morgan - Provincial Grand Master, Trevor Quartermaine - Master, and Richard Thurston - Senior Warden.”
  • October 2017 - Somerdale bring the Travelling Keystone

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    9th October 2017 - As part of the “Somerset Travelling Keystone” Royal Cumberland Mark Lodge were delighted to receive the Worshipful Master and a delegation of Brethren from Somerdale Mark Lodge No.1608. They were treated to a demonstration of the Advancement Ceremony followed by a very enjoyable festive board where old acquaintances were renewed. Royal Cumberland Lodge are looking forward to delivering the keystone to Carnarvon Lodge in December. Pictured are (L to R) W. Bros Jim Fagan, David Burrows, WM of Somerdale Lodge, Geoff Ifill, WM of Royal Cumberland Lodge, John Bathe-Taylor and V. W. Bro Roger Blake
  • November 2015 - PGMs visit and a new MMM.

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    At the Lodge meeting on 11th November the Master, W.Bro Frank Cottle advanced Bro Patrice-Antoine Coles to the honourable degree of Mark Master Mason. He was assisted by his regular officers and a few stand ins!
    W.Bro Frank did most of the work himself including the secrets an the presentation of working tools, W Bro Richard Thurston conducted the candidate as Senior Deacon.
    In the photo from left to right, John Morgan PGM, Pat Coles candidate, Frank Cottle Master, David Dixon Senior Warden and Mike Jakins Junior Warden (acting)
    Photo and repot Ray Guthrie
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  • March 2012 Installation

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    Installation Night 14th March 2012
    The Provincial Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro Tony Heliker represented the PGM at the Installation when Derran Lobb installed his successor Peter Martin.

    In the photo l to r, Tony Heliker, Lodge Senior Warden - Geoff Ifill, Master - Peter Civil, Junior Warden - Trevor Quartermaine, Installing Master - Derran Lobb and Lodge DC Richard Thurston.
  • April 2011 Installation

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    Installation Night 9th April 2011
    In the photo, Lodge Junior Warden Geoff Ifill, John Morgan the Provincial Grand Secretary, Master Derran Lobb and Senior Warden Peter Civil.
  • Royal Cumberland Lodge Banner

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    Royal Cumberland Lodge Banner

    There are the members of the Royal Cumberland Lodge are rightly proud of the fact that their Lodge was one of the five founding Lodges of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons in 1856. The photo shows the new banner presented to the Lodge by the Grand Master, HRH Prince Michael of Kent, to celebrate the sesquicentenary of Grand Lodge in 2006. As the Lodge was operating before Mark Grand Lodge was formed it has no number but carries the distinctive T. I. suffix, Time Immemorial.
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