Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Old Orchard Street, Bath. BA1 1JU. At 18.40 on the fourth Monday of March (Installation), September and November. The Lodge has 19 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Monday 25th March 2019

Worshipful Master - Clive Sutton
Senior Warden - Mark Steventon-Smith
Junior Warden - Neil Hawes
Master Overseer - Malcolm Toogood
Senior Overseer - Frank Silver
Junior Overseer - Richard Ferris
Chaplain - Ewan Page
Treasurer -
John A Nicholson
Registrar of Marks - Mike Scaggs
Secretary -
Ian Anderson
Director of Ceremonies -
Graham Jeffery
Almoner - Ian Anderson
Charity Steward -
John A Nicholson
Senior Deacon - John Neville
Junior Deacon - John W Nicholson
Assistant D of C - Vacant
Organist - Vacant
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Fred Karlsson
Stewards - Vacant
Tyler - R Williams

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1988, 2017 & 18 Mike Scaggs JW
2000 & 2010 Neil Hawes
2001 Ian Anderson SW
2004 & 5 John A Nicholson PGJD
2006 Ewan Page PPGM(Berks) SW
2007 & 15 Frank Silver SO
2008 Graham Jeffery SO
2012 & 2016 Mark Steventon-Smith JD
2013 & 14 John W Nicholson Reg

March 2018 Installation and Golfers bring the Travelling Keystone!

The Installation meeting of Royal Sussex was held on Monday 26th March. W.Bro Mike Scaggs Master for the last year was continuing in office for a second year and he was proclaimed by V.W.Bro Philip Voisey, Deputy PGM, as Master for 2018. Mike then went on to appoint his officers, 30 years on from when he first completed that task as Master of the Lodge in 1988!
The Master of St Andrew's Lodge of MMM No 1924, W.Bro Ian Pamplin then presented the Somerset Travelling Keystone to W.Bro Mike. Ian was accompanied by ten other members of the Lodge.
Mike Scaggs (left) receives the Travelling Keystone from Ian Pamplin with the other members of St Andrew's Lodge looking on.
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  • March 2017 Installation

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    Monday 27th March 2017 - Twenty nine years after he was first placed in the Chair of the Lodge, W.Bro Mike Scaggs once again took up the challenge of being Master. He was installed by W.Bro Mark Stevenson-Smith who has also been Master of the Lodge twice but with only a four year gap! Very Worshipful Brother Geoff Nash, Past Deputy PGM represented the Provincial Grand Master and he was accompanied by W.Bro Mark Golding the Provincial DC.

    In the photo left to right, the Installing Master, W Bro Mark Steventon-Smith,
    the ‘new’ Worshipful master, W Bro Michael (Mike) Scaggs
    V W Bro Geoffrey Nash, PPrDepGM and W Bro Mark Golding, PrGDC.
  • March 2013 Installation

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    Monday 25th March 2013 Installation Meeting.

    Mark Steventon-Smith having enjoyed his year in the Chair made a great job of installing his successor. The new Master John Nicholson has been working in Africa and didn't return to Britain until late on the morning the day before his installation. The brethren of 177 were all on tenterhooks that he might not arrive in time to be Installed as WM - but all his flights were on schedule and all was well.
    The Installation was watched by John Smith the Provincial Grand Secretary representing the PGM and of course by the Lodge Treasurer and proud Dad, John Nicholson Snr.
    In the photo from Left to right, John Nicholson Snr, Mark Steventon-Smith - Installaing Master and now SW! The new WM John Nicholson, Junior Warden - Neil Hawes and Provincial Grand Secretary - John Smith.
  • March 2012 Installation

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    Monday 26th March 2012 Installation Meeting.

    The outgoing Master Ray Harris made a superb job of installing his successor Mark Steventon-Smith watched by a good number of lodge members and visitors the principal of whom was Roger Blake the Deputy Provincial Grand Master of Gloucestershire and Herefordshire.
    Also in attendance was Mark's Dad Tony, his first time at a Mark meeting for many years, lets hope that he now starts to make a habit of attending!
    Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie attended the installation and thanked the brethren of Royal Sussex for making him an honorary member of the Lodge.
    The meeting was followed by an excellent festive board and the usual Masonic toasts accompanied with good humour!
    •  New Master Mark Steventon-Smith with his Wardens, John Nicholson (left) and Neil Hawes (right)

      New Master Mark Steventon-Smith with his Wardens, John Nicholson (left) and Neil Hawes (right)

    •  The new Principal Officers of the Lodge with Ray Guthrie DPGM

      The new Principal Officers of the Lodge with Ray Guthrie DPGM

    •  Mark with his proud Dad, Tony.

      Mark with his proud Dad, Tony.

  • November 2010 Travelling Keystone

    Open or Close
    Monday 22nd November 2010

    It was a great evening at Royal Sussex Lodge. Neil Hawes, the Provincial Junior Grand Warden who is Master of the Lodge presided.

    R.W.Bro. Dr Ewan Page gave us an excellent explanation of the Lecture on the degree of Mark Master Mason. Additional entertainment in the temple was provided by the Lodge DC, W.Bro Roy Thompson.

    The Worshipful Master of Mendip Lodge No 781, W.Bro. Mike Gagg accompanied by no less than twelve of his brethren, presented the Master, Neil Hawes with the Somerset Travelling Keystone.

    It was a very good meeting followed by an excellent festive board where the good atmosphere continued. We were all privileged to enjoy that special Mark fellowship.

    The photo below shows Mike Gagg presenting Neil Hawes with the Travelling Keystone surrounded by the brethren of Mendip Lodge and the Provincial Senior Grand Warden, Tony Wilcox.
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  • March 2010 Installation

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    Monday 22nd March 2010 Installation Meeting.

    Royal Sussex Lodge has had more than its fair share members who have been seriously ill in the past few months, so it was good to see the Installing Master, Alan Booty back in the Lodge and Tyler, Chris Fear back at his post. Unfortunately secretary Ian Anderson was still not well enough to attend.
    Alan installed his successor Neil Hawes who then went on to appoint his officers. The Deputy PGM, Ray Guthrie presented a Grand Lodge certificate to new member Simon Bennett and the evening was completed by R.W.Bro Dr Ewan Page giving a superb rendition of the Lecture on the Degree of Mark Master Mason.

    The members of Royal Sussex were delighted to learn that Lodge treasurer John Nicholson will be appointed Past Assistant Grand Sword Bearer by the Grand Master at the annual Investiture of Grand Lodge on 8th June this year.

    The photo shows the Frank Silver - Junior Warden, Master - Neil Hawes and Senior Warden - Ray Harris.

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