Meeting at the Masonic Hall, Bath Road, Keynsham BS31 1SR at 18.30 0n the third Friday of January, March (installation), September (2nd Friday) and November. The Lodge has 29 subscribing members

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Friday 15th March 2019

Worshipful Master - David Nelson
Senior Warden - John Lawes
Junior Warden - Mike Cotton
Master Overseer - Tony Fisher
Senior Overseer - Paul Wilson
Junior Overseer - Mike Thomas
Chaplain - John Bathe Taylor
Treasurer -
Val Cooke
Registrar of Marks - Jim Arthur
Secretary -
Steve White
Director of Ceremonies -
Sam Mayer
Almoner - Steve White
Charity Steward - James Fagan
Senior Deacon - David Maddern
Junior Deacon - Tony Joiner
Assistant D of C - Vacant
Organist - Tony Giles
Assistant Secretary - Vacant
Inner Guard - Michael Lear
Stewards -
Tyler - Bob Ross

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1989 David Nelson PPGM
1990 Tony Fisher PAGDC
1997 Bob Newman JO
2000 Steve White
2001 Mike Thomas JW
2002 Stuart Hadler
2006 Mike Cotton JW
2008 Val Cooke MO
2009 Jim Arthur JD
Nigel Middleton SO
2011 John Lawes JD
2012 Bob Ross Dep Chaplain
Sam Mayer JD
2014 James Fagan SD
2015 Neil Arthur IG
2016&18 David Maddern Supt Wks
2017 David Burrows
John Bathe-Taylor Reg
Roger Blake
PGJO, PDPGM Glos & Hereford

Somerdale Lodge News and Events

9th September 2016 - A Master acts as the Candidate!

At the September meeting of the Lodge W.Bro Martin Slocombe, Master of the Nailsea Lodge of Mark Master Masons acted as candidate. Although the meeting wasn’t well attended the ceremony was conducted very well by David Maddern the master of the Lodge. It was a very enjoyable evening with both Masters playing their part well!
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Left to right - Martin Slocombe, Master of Nailsea Lodge 1548, John Lawes JW, David Maddern Master and David Burrows JW.

  • March 2010 Installation meeting

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    Friday 19th March 2010 Installation Meeting.

    Nearly 40 Mark Master Masons were present to see Nigel Middleton installed as the new Master of Somerdale. W.Bro Jim Arthur, the installing Master was assisted by past Masters, Stuart Hadler and Val Cooke. It was a pleasant and enjoyable evening.

    The photo shows the new senior officers of the Lodge -
    Senior Warden - John Lawes, Master - Nigel Middleton and Junior - Warden Dennis Bradbeer.
  • November 2010 new candidate for the Lodge

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    Friday 19th November 2010, over 40 Mark Master Masons witness W.Bro Nigel Middleton and his team of officers advance Bro Chis James into the degree. The PGM, his Deputy and Wardens were present as were the Master of Carnarvon Lodge Terry Harrison and twelve of his brethren.
    The photo shows, PGM - David Nelson, Master of Somerdale - Nigel Middleton, candidate - Chris James and Deputy PGM - Ray Guthrie.
  • Groucho Marx holding the Lodge banner

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    Believe it or not this is the younger Mervyn Western holding the Lodge banner, the photo is undated but probably around the time the Lodge was formed in 1984. There are some other photos of the consecration day, click on the 25th Anniversary meeting Photo link below

    A short history of the Lodge with a decent photo of the banner could go here.
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