The Else Lodge Lodge meets at the Masonic Hall, Tivoli Lane, Boulevard, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1NZ at 6.30pm on the third Tuesday in January, March, May and November (Installation). The Lodge has 41 subscribing members.

Officers of the Lodge - appointed Tuesday 19th November 2019

Worshipful Master - Chris Millard
Senior Warden - Ron Ward
Junior Warden - Stuart Boyd
Master Overseer - Ian MacDonald
Senior Overseer - Bryan Ashton
Junior Overseer - Frank Saint
Chaplain - Keith Britton
Treasurer - Toby Hammond
Registrar of Marks - Reyn Badger
Secretary -
Ben White
Director of Ceremonies - Mike Willis
Almoner - Wayne Kelly
Charity Steward - Mike Platts
Senior Deacon - Harry Blackwell
Junior Deacon - Ray Hill
Assistant D of C - Mike Fazackerley
Organist - Terry Gilbert
Assistant Secretary - Peter Holder
Inner Guard - Gosta Vou
Stewards - Hugh Jenkins, Bill Bredin, Ivan Marks, Jon Harrap, Stephen Taylor, Alex Mitchelmoor and Paul Light.
Tyler - Sam Boyd

Past Masters of and in the Lodge

1985 David Parrott JW
1989 Ian White SW
1994 Keith Britton JW
1995 Steve Williams
2001 Syd Brailey SD
2003 Peter Elmont
2004 Reyn Badger JO
2006 Toby Hammond SO
2007 Graham Rice SO
2008 Tony Edwards I of W
2009 Wayne Kelly Swd Br
2010 Garry Mackenzie
2011 Mike Willis SO
2012 Bryan Aston JD
2013 Mike Fazackerley JO
2014 Ben White IofW
2015 Clive Sutton StdB
2016 Chris Avery Steward
2017 Gosta Vou
Phil Lewis
Ron Ward MO
Ian MacDonald JO

Else Lodge News and Events


November 2019 - Installation night.

R.W.Brother David Nelson Past PGM represented the Provincial Grand Master at the Installation meeting on Tuesday 19th November 2019. He was accompanied by W.Bro Dave Marriott, Provincial ADC and several Grand Officers including the Past Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie. The meeting was well attended by Else brethren and visitors including the Master and Brethren of the George Norman Lodge on the occasion of their fraternal visit.
They all witnessed a near faultless installation ceremony performed by W.Bro Phil Lewis who installed his successor in fine style. The new Master W.Bro Chris Millard then went on to appoint his officers.
The festive board afterwards was very enjoyable as always at Weston.
In the photo is the new Master, Chris Millard seated, flanked by his Senior Warden Ron Ward and Junior Warden Stuart Boyd.
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  • January 2019 - Alex Mitchelmore is the new advancee and the Haggis is slain!

    Open or Close
    January at Else Lodge of Mark Master Masons, Weston super Mare, not only welcomed a new Advancee – Bro. Alex Mitchelmore – but also celebrated the birth of that notable Scottish Mason, Robbie Burns.
    This was the first ceremony for the newly appointed team, all of whom were on their best behaviour. They demonstrated that hard work and preparation clearly pays off. Our visitors came from far and wide to see Bro Alex was Advanced in superb style. (No pressure for the next one chaps?)
    The festive board was handed over to that notable haggis slayer W Bro Ian MacDonald, who performed the ritual slaughter in the traditional manner with a faultless (we believe) rendition of the address, accompanied by a modicum of whisky. The Burns supper was thoroughly enjoyed by the 46 brethren present, with “gravy” supplied by our generous Master W Bro. Phil Lewis. Perhaps a new tradition for the lodge?
    We are all looking forward to the next meeting on 19th March, which will see not only a Candidate to be Advanced, but also the Provincial Team coming along to deliver the Tracing Board lecture.
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    W.Bro Ian MacDonald in full flow with the address to the Haggis!

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    A wee dram is definitely required after that!

  • Full House at Else for the Provincial visit March 2016

    Open or Close
    The Regular March meeting of the Else Lodge of MMM at Weston-super-Mare was a very busy & happy occasion. The Lodge was formally opened & after a report from the door, all rose to receive The Right Worshipful Brother John Graham Morgan, Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, accompanied by members of the Provincial Team.
    A ballot was taken for the evening’s Advancee & proving clear Brother Peter Arnold Holder was advanced by Worshipful Master Clive Sutton & his team in a very fine ceremony to the noticeable pleasure of all present.
    Next, the Provincial Team, under the watchful eye of the Deputy Provincial Director of Ceremonies, W. Bro. Mark Golding rose in their seats to present a lecture on the Lodge Tracing Board, on completion, acclamation was well deserved.
    To end this trio of events, new Lodge member Bro. Frank Lewis was presented with his Grand Lodge Certificate by RWBrother John Morgan.
    After the retirement of the PGM & his Team, the Lodge was closed in due form before joining with the Provincial Team members to sit down to a very happy & noisy Festive Board, an evening to remember for all present.
    Photos and copy by Pat Morrissey
    •  The Provincial Team with the new advancee!

      The Provincial Team with the new advancee!

    •  WM Clive Sutton welcomes the new Advancee Bro Peter Holder.

      WM Clive Sutton welcomes the new Advancee Bro Peter Holder.

    •  PGM John Morgan presents Bro Frank Lewis with his GL Certificate.

      PGM John Morgan presents Bro Frank Lewis with his GL Certificate.

  • Assistant Grand Master attends the Installation of W.Bro Ben White - 18th November 2014

    Open or Close
    A Great Honour and special evening for Else Lodge No. 102

    At the Installation Meeting of Else on Tuesday 18th November 2014, the Lodge was honoured by the presence of Right Worshipful Brother John Graham Morgan, Provincial Grand Master for Somerset.
    The gavel was proffered by the Worshipful Master W. Brother Mike Fazackerley to our PGM, which to Mike’s delight & possible surprise was accepted & RWBro. John took the chair.
    A knock on the door saw the entry of the Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies W. Bro. Ryan Williams who announced that the Assistant Grand Master, Right Worshipful Brother Raymond John Smith was without & demanded admission.
    All stood as the Assistant Grand Master entered the Lodge, RWBrother Morgan proffered the gavel which was politely refused and he in turn invited the W. Master to resume his rightful place in the Lodge.
    A first class ceremony of Installation was conducted by the W. Master & his officers for the incoming WM W. Bro. Ben White, charges were presented, officers appointed. After Lodge business the meeting was closed in harmony, the brethren retiring to a very welcomed Festive board.
    Amongst the many guests present on this very special evening was the Worshipful Master and members of Ben’s Highgate Lodge of MMM meeting at Mark Mason’s Hall, London; where RWBrother Raymond Smith is also a member.

    Pictures and words by Pat Morrissey

    Ryan Williams, Chris Avery-Senior Warden, RWBro. Raymond Smith, Ben White, RWBro. John Morgan, Clive Sutton, Junior Warden & Ray Johnstone-Smith, Provincial Grand DC.

    RWBro. Raymond John Smith, W. Bro. Ben White - Master, RWBro. John Morgan.

  • W.Bro Mike Fazackerley Installed as Master 2013

    Open or Close
    Tuesday 19th November 2013.
    One more happy & well attended Installation Meeting for Else Lodge, No. 1222.
    The lodge was honoured amongst its many visitors, by the presence of The Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, R.W.Bro. David Brian Nelson.
    As an added bonus to this special day, the Worshipful Master & brethren of the George Norman Lodge were admitted & welcomed by the W. Master on this their first fraternal visit.
    The salutations to visiting dignitaries & lodge business being completed,, the Senior Warden Bro. Mike Fazackerley was presented to the W. Master Bryan Aston, who in turn duly obligated & installed Bro. Mike into the Master’s chair with due ceremony. Following the appointment of his officers, the W. Master invited the Installing Master’s proposer into Mark Masonry W. Bro. Pat Morrisey, to present him with his Past Master’s Jewel.
    The formalities of the occasion being ended, Worshipful Brother Mike rose to announce that it would be his pleasure to present three silver goblets to the lodge for use in the Festive Board by the WM & his Senior & Junior Wardens in perpetuity.
    And so another year ends & another cheerful year begins!
    Copy/pic…Pat Morrisey.
  • W.Bro Bryan Aston Installed as Master 2012

    Open or Close
    Happy Installation at Else Lodge.
    The Installation Meeting of the Else Lodge of MMM was held at Weston-super-Mare on 20th November. The Lodge was honoured by the presence of VWBro, Geoffery Nash accompanied by WBro. Chris Summers, Provincial Deputy DC. The outgoing Master, Mike Willis has had an eventful & busy year well supported by his Officers & Lodge members. In April he travelled to Portcullis Lodge at Langport accompanied by 17 Else members to present the Travelling Keystone to the Lodge. By sheer coincidence, W. Bro. Mike won a Raffle prize consisting of a Weston donkey, a bucket & Spade, sun glasses & hat!
    After a wet summer break & before the first Else meeting, in September, Mike was again off this time to Clevedon for the Annual Fraternal visit to Hallam Mark Lodge; this time supported by 14 brethren. These Fraternal visits began in 1934 when Hallam visited Else for the first time. Naturally, there is a close & happy link between both lodges with many Else brethren also being members of Thackeray Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners which is moored to Hallam.
    W. Bro. Mike Installed his successor Bro. Bryan Ashton with a faultless ceremony that was appreciated by all who were fortunate to witness it.
    A very happy & emotional ending to his year in office was the presentation of a Past Masters Jewel presented by his proposer into Else W. Bro. Toby Hammond. A jewel with many memories, it had belonged to Mike’s father Dennis…Pat Morrisey.
    In the photo left to right - Mike Fazackerley - Senior Warden, Bryan Aston - Master and Ben White - Junior Warden.
  • W.Bro Mike Willis Installed as Master 2011

    Open or Close
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    Installation Meeting Tuesday 15th November 2011.
    W. Master Gary Mackenzie Installed Master Elect Bro. Michael Willis in a faultless & brilliant ceremony that could not fail to delight all who saw it. The Past Masters who witnessed the Inner Workings all agreed that they had not seen finer, Bro. Willis could be in no doubt that he was now Master of the Else Lodge. Although W. Bro. Gary had been through the Mark Chair in the past and is a Grand Officer, to his credit he had worked through the Offices of the Lodge over several years to regain the Masters’ Chair. By both precept and example his dedication encourages all who will follow him to do well.

    In the photo Back Row (left to right) - Ray Johnstone-Smith - Provincial DC, Tony Edwards - Lodge Treasurer, Michael Fazackerley - Junior Warden, Michael Willis - Master, Gary Mackenzie - IPM, Peter Penfold - Provincial Junior Deacon & Geoff Seaman - Provincial Master Overseer. Front Row - Tony Helliker - Provincial Senior Warden, PGM, Roger Teale - Provincial Junior Warden & Brian Watkis - Provincial Senior Overseer.
    Pat Morrisey.
  • W.Bro Garry Makenzie Installed as Master 2010

    Open or Close
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    16th November 2010
    Garry Makenzie is installed as Master of the Else Lodge of MMM.
    The Installation ceremony was well conducted by Wayne Kelly who has enjoyed a very good year in the Chair. There were visitors from Devon and Gloucestershire in addition of course to a goodly number of members of the
    SAMMs team. The new Master is a prominent member of the team often playing the part of the Master or Worshipful Sir in the demonstration ceremonies.
    Ian White stepped down as Director of Ceremonies after 12 years excellent service his, place taken by David Holder.
    The new Master surprised Terry Gilbert by making him Lodge organist, much to Terry's amusement.
    The Lodge currently has one candidate in the pipeline no doubt they will have another good year.

    In the photo are Mike Willis - SW, Master - Garry Makenzie and Junior Warden - Brian Aston.
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Where does the names "Else" come from?

Richard Charles Else was advanced into Else Lodge, No.102 (Then known as The United Artillery, Engineer and Rifle Volunteer Lodge of Mark Master Masons) in 1870. In 1881 he was appointed Provincial Grand Mark Master for Somersetshire.
Richard Charles Else was initiated into the Rural Philanthropic Lodge, No.291 Highbridge in 1858. He was Worshipful Master in 1865, 1877 and 1893, between these dates; he spent many years as Lodge Treasurer. He was appointed Provincial Grand Secretary in 1870 and in 1875 was appointed Deputy Provincial Grand Master for Somersetshire. He held this post for 27 years, retiring in 1902. During his 37 years as an executive officer, he visited countless Lodges and performed various other functions including the Consecration of four new Lodges and the installation of 594 Worshipful Masters. In 1882 he was made Grand Deacon of England by H.R.H. the Prince of Wales later to become King Edward VII.
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The Else Lodge Banner

The Else Banner was the Inspiration of Bro. Tony Harwood and designed by W. Bro. Patrick Morrisey. The wording was agreed by the Lodge Committee to reflect the original Lodge name. The Artillery Engineer and Rifle Volunteer Lodge ceased work for some twelve years late 19th Century and when re-consecrated in 1892 was re-named after R.W.Bro Richard Charles Else.

The Banner was made by South Wales Regalia in Swansea at the cost of £800, the money being raised by the Brethren through many social events and personal contributions. It was completed in February 2004 and was dedicated by the PGM R.W.Bro. A.W.S.Hick and the Provincial Team on Tuesday 16th March 2004, carried into the Lodge by the newest Advancee Bro. Umit Shevket.
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