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Appointments to RAM Provincial Grand Rank 2015

The Provincial Grand Master, RW.Bro. John Graham Morgan, will be pleased to invest the following Brethren with Provincial Royal Ark Mariner Grand Rank at the Provincial Grand Assembly of Royal Ark Mariners at Nailsea Masonic Hall on Saturday 14th February 2015

W.Bro. G.K. Jeffery, Irwin Lodge of RAM No. 119
W.Bro. R.B. Buckle, Herbert Fuller Lodge of RAM No.128
W.Bro. E.A.G. Kellett, Portal Lodge of RAM No. 155
W.Bro. R.H. Francis. William Long Lodge of RAM No.191
W.Bro. G.J. Small. Fidelity & Unanimity Lodge of RAM No. 348
W.Bro. W.G. Roast, Cerdic Lodge of RAM No.571
W.Bro. W. Brown, Exmoor Lodge of RAM No.697
W.Bro. A.L. Kemlo, Nailsea Lodge of RAM No. 1548

Hearty congratulations to all these brethren on their well deserved promotion.

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