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Portal Mark Lodge Banner dedication.

The Provincial Grand Master and his team make a special visit to Portal Mark Lodge to dedicate the new Lodge Banner. This was not the first public outing for the banner, the Provincial meeting in May 2010 was held under the new banner of Portal Mark Lodge.
The idea for the new banner came from W.Bro Alex Carter, he can be seen supporting the banner in the photograph, to his left is the Provincial Chaplain, Vernon Harding and the PGM and Master of Portal, Alan Thompson to the right of the banner.

It was a truly excellent Mark evening, the ceremony of the banner dedication with an excellent oration by the Provincial Chaplain was followed by a first class explanation of the Lecture on the degree by Alex Carter, Mike Stratton, Ray Conneely and Richard Conneely.

The Provincial Grand Master took the opportunity to thank W.Bro Jim Padwick the Lodge DC for the great support he has given to the Lodge, by making him past Provincial Senior Grand Warden. (Jim celebrated his 80th birthday the day after this meeting!)

At the end of the ceremony the Deputy PGM Ray Guthrie addressed the brethren to say how pleased we all were to see him back and looking so well after his recent heart surgery. he went on to say that the surgery had prevented the PGM being present at the
Mark v Craft bowls match and the Provincial Golf Challenge. The Mark teams had been victorious in both these events and the Deputy presented the PGM with both trophies.

The PGM David Nelson, Master of the lodge Alan Thompson,
IPM - Alex Carter and the Provincial Chaplain - Vernon Harding.

All the members of Portal Mark Lodge stand proudly with their new banner.

A superb rendition of the Mark Lecture was given by Mike Stratton, Ray Conneely, Richard Conneely and Alex Carter.

The Deputy PGM presents the PGM with the Bowls trophy and the Provincial Golf Challenge trophy.

A very surprised Lodge DC Jim Padwick is promoted to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden by the PGM.

Grand Lodge certificates were presented to Patrick Haxell and Arthur Collins by the PGM, they are seen here with the Master Alan Thompson.

The Provincial team is ready to work! Above - Senior Warden - Tony Wilcox, Junior Warden - Neil Hawes, Mike Waterman, David Powell - Provincial Senior Overseer and the Provincial Treasurer - Peter Elmont.
In the photo below, John Smith - Provincial Registrar, Vernon Harding Provincial Chaplain and Eric Kellet - Provincial Charity Steward.

There was much banter and good humour at the festive board!

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