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Hearing Dogs update

Many brethren of the Mark Degree contributed to the "Talking Dogs appeal" as V.W.Bro John Lendon called it, we knew it as the PGMs Appeal for Hearing Dogs for the deaf. One of the recipients of a dog funded by the appeal is Mrs Wendy Barlow. She tells how a dog has changed her life.

My life changed completely when I brought Farley home. Farley became a very important new member of our family and without really trying, just fitted into our way of life so easily. I became more confident going out shopping with him beside me, as anyone who stopped to talk to me instantly knew I was deaf because Farley, and took extra care in speaking to me, as well as making a fuss of Farley, which is great.

We enjoyed daily walks now and I have made such a lot of new friends who also have dogs, and I'm much fitter too!

He has made a huge difference to me in our home. I am much more relaxed now as I know any sound I miss Farley will tell me and take me to the sound, and that is so wonderful. My husband, Steve, quite enjoys being replaced by your dog too!

Recently my husband has had to go into hospital, so for the first time in years I have been on my own at home. Farley has been my lifeline. I feel so safe having him with me, and my husband is not worried either as he knows Farley is there for me.

He is a lovely, cute and wonderful dog and we love them so much. I can't imagine life without him.

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