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Mark Bowlers Victorious

It was a lovely summer day, ideal for a game of bowls and teams from the Craft captained by David Jenkins and the Mark captained by Ray Guthrie were keen to let battle commence, in a friendly Masonic way of course! For most of the morning it was a close run thing but after 18 ends the Mark were leading by 10 and declared the winners of the Cup. This ended a five year run of wins by the Craft. The game was followed by lunch in the club house and the presentation of the trophy. As usual with all these events they wouldn't happen were it not for the efforts of the few. So in addition to thanking all the members of both teams for turning up on the day from all corners of the Province, I would also thank, Norman Warry for organising the day on behalf of the Craft, Mike Adams and the members of Shepton Mallet bowls club for the use of their facilities and of course the ladies who prepared our lunch. A great time was had by all!
Ray Guthrie, photos by Derek Wilton.

The Mark team, back row - Vernon Harding, Tony Everett, Norman Ackland, Tony Drew, Ron Troop, David Searle, Frank Silver and Barrie Baker. Front row - Lionel Curtis, John Howlett, Leigh Ackland, David Veale, Ray Guthrie, Trevor Burgess, Mike Skyrme and Mike Scaggs.

Ray Guthrie receives the trophy from David Jenkins

It was an ideal day for the game.

Tactics are all important in this game!

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