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Janet's Cookbook

When my son Daniel suggested that I write a cookery book, I had two big reservations - one - who on earth would buy it - and two where was I going to get the energy just having started chemo. But the idea grew on me, and the upshot is we now have raised almost £5000. ALL proceeds are going to the oncology department at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. The book is selling for £10 each plus P&P and will make a wonderful christmas present. All the recipes have been tried and tested many many times over the years. Claire Halifax did the stunning illustrations, my Daughter Charlotte did most of the proof reading, I did the recipes and Terry paid for it to be printed so that all proceeds could be donated. Daniel then took everything and make it into the lovely book you now see. A family affair !!!!!!


Janet undertakes an impromptu book signing after the annual Royal Somerset/Forest of Selwood Sunday Lunch in July this year, Janet's husband Terry is a member of both Lodges and Portal Mark Lodge. Janet & Terry helped by members and their wives from both Lodges raised £750 for the Oncology Dept.

You can order a copy of the book from Janet at The Lilacs, Upper Vobster, Bath, BA3 5SB send a cheque for £12.99 P&P inclusive.

Heres just a couple of samples to whet your appetite!!

Cookery book final v631

Cookery book final v633

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