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A Secretary’s work is never done

We often joke about the hard work that Lodge Secretaries undertake but now we have proof.
1856 Mark Grand Lodge was established when: Bon Accord, Old Kent, Phoenix, Northumberland and Berwick-upon-Tweed and Royal Cumberland (Bath) all work together.
Some will remember that in 2006 at the celebration held in the Royal Albert Hall the five Foundations lodge were presented with a Banner by Grand Lodge.
2014 Royal Cumberland in Bath held the first reunion meeting of the ‘Banner’ Lodges and now it is firmly becoming a bi—yearly event.
The second reunion meeting on 30
th January 2016 was hosted by Bon Accord Lodge at Mark Masons Hall in but RCLMMMTI Secretary W.Bro. Richard Cooper still had paper work to attend to attend to.

Not least to ensure that the exploits of Worshipful Master W.Bro. Frank Cottle who rose to the challenge and was inducted into the ‘Sabrage’ fraternity after successfully removing the cork from a Champaign bottle with a sabre!


Five members of RCLMMMTI their guest and other members of the Somerset Province enjoyed a ‘festive’ evening in the company of the Assistant Grand Master RW Bro Raymond Smith, The Provincial Grand Master of the Province of London, David Ashbolt and the the District Grand Master of Singapore Justice (Ret'd) MPH Rubin at which the only real worry appeared to be keeping hold of your wine!keep-hold

Article by Richard Cooper: there are more photos of the event on the London Provincial Mark web site:

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