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New PGM Installed

Saturday 3rd May 2014, at the Webbington Hotel, Loxton, Axbridge, was a day to be remembered by all Mark Masons in Somerset. For it was the day that Worshipful Brother John Graham Morgan was installed as our new Provincial Grand Master by The Pro Grand Master, The Most Worshipful Brother Benjamin Addy. Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in due form by The Right Worshipful Brother Anthony Walter Samson Hick, Past Provincial Grand Master at 11 am, after which all stood to receive the Pro Grand Master & his Assisting Officers.


The New PMG John Morgan and his Deputy Philip Voisey

On assuming the chair, the Pro Grand Master appointed his Officers & was saluted under the direction of the Grand Director of Ceremonies. After which he addressed the brethren as to the purpose of the meeting.
On his direction, the Grand Director of Ceremonies retired to ascertain that the Provincial Grand Master Designate was in attendance, on his return he affirmed that Worshipful Brother John was in attendance & requested to be installed. The Patent of Appointment was examined, the Grand Director of Ceremonies accompanied by certain appointed brethren retired & re-entered the Lodge to introduce the Provincial Grand Master Designate. The ceremony continued smoothly as per the Order of Proceedings. W. Brother John took a solemn obligation & was conducted to the Installing Officer who invested him & installed him into the chair of his office. The Provincial Grand Master was proclaimed & saluted under the direction of the Grand DC.
Worshipful Brother Philip Clifford Voisey was next appointed as Deputy Provincial Grand Master & was duly escorted into the lodge in due form & ceremony. As before the Patent of Appointment was read by the Grand Secretary, W. Brother Philip was addressed as to the nature of his duties, took a solemn obligation, was invested by the PGM & conducted to his seat by the Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies. W. Brother Philip was in turn proclaimed & saluted by the assembled Brethren.
The Provincial Grand Master rose to address & thank the Pro Grand Master & his Assisting Officers for their work, after which, all rose as the Installing Team retired in procession.
Provincial Grand Lodge was called off until 3.30pm and Lunch was enjoyed by all the brethren.
On resuming the new PGM welcomed his guests and appointed his officers for the Year. He then went on to present Past Deputy PGM collarets to the three Past Deputies Present at the meeting. Very Worshipful Brothers, Pat Parker, Geoffrey Nash and Ray Guthrie, all of whom were most surprised by the generous gesture.


V.W.Bros, Guthrie, Nash and Parker proudly wearing their Past Deputy PGMs collarettes presented by the PGM

The PGM then gave his
inaugural address to Provincial Grand Lodge, which was very well received. Provincial Grand Lodge was then closed in due form, the National Anthem was sung with great gusto. The brethren retired to dine with their Ladies in true Somerset tradition.

Minutes of the meeting

Words and Photos by Pat Morrissey

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