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Mark Ball 2010

The event we had looked forward to since last year arrived with perfect timing on Saturday 27th March; thanks mainly to the hard work and planning of Dorothy and Tony Snook our Festival organisers; the ever popular Mark weekend at the Redcliffe Hotel, Paignton had begun. The weather was kind and for those of us lucky enough to arrive on the Friday, most moving into the same rooms we occupied last year and being surrounded by the same happy smiling faces it seemed we had never really left.
A swim in the heated pool, a lounge in the Jacuzzi and a poaching in the terrifying heat of the steam room, set you in the right mood for a wonderful dinner Friday evening, Roast Duckling with all the trimmings, crème brulèe, bread-and-butter pudding, you name it, it was there. A drink in the bar followed and for the more active guests, a turn round the dance floor sent you happily off to bed.
Come Saturday with new guests arriving, many brethren and their ladies set out to explore the area, returning in good time to change and be greeted by our Provincial Grand Master David Nelson accompanied by his lady Catherine and Deputy Provincial Grand Master Raymond Guthrie with his lady Hazel. During the dinner, to the accompaniment of Mike Alvey on the piano, the minimum of formalities were conducted. The toasts to The Queen and the Grand Master, Prince Michael of Kent was given by the PGM, followed by that to our ever popular PGM given by W. Bro. Chris White, whose words were received with obvious approval by all present. The ladies toast was given to that raconteur and wit Steve Defries, which raised a few eyebrows and nods of approval from both brethren and ladies in turn.
The evening ended with the usual bar and ballroom to the music of Paul and Suzy Brown, our ever popular multi-instrumentalists with a dance for every mood. As per the custom, Tony Snook was kept busy accepting deposits for next year’s soiree! Book soon!!

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Pat Morrisey
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