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Pirates of Penzance

What does an Exmoor Mark Master Mason do on a cold overcast day in February?

Attend an Installation of a Brother who lives on the Scilly Isles but attends a Mark Lodge in Penzance. Organized by that intrepid traveller VWBro Arthur John Lendon, brethren of Exmoor Lodge met up at the Taunton branch of Morrison’s for a low calorie “fry up” before catching the 10:50 am train to Penzance.
On arrival at Penzance they grabbed a quick Cornish pasty before being taken by taxi (most of the drivers were masons) to the Masonic Hall where tea was provided.
After an excellent Installation attended by about 100 brethren including the PGM, DPGM and the APGM of Cornwall, the evening was concluded with a first class meal and the usual Masonic toast at a nearby Hotel.
The return journey was on the Riviera sleeper train, which arrive back in Taunton at 1:45 am the following day.
Our thanks to VWBro John Lendon for organising the trip (even though he got caught for speeding the next day)


On Taunton Station from left to right Tony Melville, Dave Veale, Phil Thresher, Chris Moore, Graham Gamble and John Lendon

Allan Webber ….in the gents, Barrie Baker ….taking the photo’s and telling the terrible story!



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