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Dress Code for MMH

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Sent: Monday, 3 December 2012, 10:55
Subject: Dress code at Mark Masons' Hall
Dear Secretaries,
I hereunder transcribe the Deputy Grand Secretary’s instructions regarding the minimum dress code at Mark Masons’ Hall. I would be grateful if you could relay it to all Brethren.
“We have received a number of complaints on the standard of dress of individuals using the bar on the second floor of Mark Masons’ Hall.
We consider Mark Masons’ Hall to be a gentleman’s club for Freemasons and members are expected to dress accordingly.
We would ask you to draw the attention of your members to the minimum dress code applicable to all users of Mark Masons Hall facilities, namely:
                                NO JEANS
                                NO TRAINERS
                                NO T-SHIRTS
                                NO SHORTS
New signage will be placed at the entrance to the building indicating these requirements, Brethren attempting to enter inappropriately dressed will be denied admission.
Additionally it is becoming the practice for bags and coats to be taken into the bar despite the clearly displayed signs. Anyone taking a bag or coat into the bar will be denied service until the coats and/or bags are removed.
These simple rules, which have been in force for several years, are being ignored, and will in future be enforced. Please ensure that all of your members are made aware of this before attending your next meetings.
Yours sincerely and fraternally
Lt Cdr Angus P D Hannagan, RD
Deputy Grand Secretary”
Yours sincerelly,

Catering Manager
Mark Masons’ Hall
0207 747 1181
07795 204 808
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