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Pat Parker 50 years a Mason

At the October meeting of St Keyna Lodge, 1833 Peter Layzell the Deputy PGM presented a 50 Year Veterans' Certificate to Alan Patrick Parker. Pat was born in 1929, attended the Bristol Grammar School, eventually leaving to take up employment in the paper trade. He spent 25 years with the company before moving on to the Thompson Organisation and retired as a divisional controller at the age of 57. Pat has been happily married for 50 years to Margaret and has three children and six grandchildren. Pat has attended St Martins Church, Knowle, Bristol as a Sunday School Teacher, a server for 50 years and Church Warden.

He was initiated into St. Keyna at Keynsham in 1959, becoming Master in 1970. He was subsequently appointed treasurer in 1973, a post he held until 1990. Pat was also member of the Board of Directors of Keynsham Masonic Hall for many yearse. He was promoted ProvAstGReg. in 1976 and PPrJG.Warden in 1992.

Many brethren of the Mark Degree will of course remember Pat as the Deputy PGM of the Mark in Somerset, a position he held for five years from 1997 to 2002 having served as Provincial DC for eight years prior to that. He was advanced into the Carnavon Mark Lodge No 119 at Keynsham in 1972 and became Master in 1983. By coincidence Pat’s father, W.Bro H.G.Parker had been Master of Carnarvon in 1938! Pat was Commander of Irwin RAM Lodge in 1984 and is a holder of RAMGR.

In other orders he holds Grand Rank in Holy Royal Arch, 30 Degrees in Rose Croix, PPrReg. in KT, is a member of the Royal Order of Scotland and those of us who have enjoyed our Masonry in the company of this remarkable and nice man can vouch for his dedication and even today he will pick up the smallest mistake in the Ceremonies and have a quiet word with you afterwards!
…Jim Ivory. LIO St Keyna Lodge No 1833

The photo shows a distinguished group of Mark Master Masons - left to right - Cliff Hannabuss Past Prov DC, Brian Varcoe, Peter Layzell, Pat Parker, Dickie Dodsworth (past DPGM), Tony Hick (past PGM) and Geoff Nash (past DPGM).
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