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Else Lodge Installation

Garry Makenzie is installed as Master of the Else Lodge of MMM.
The Installation ceremony was well conducted by Wayne Kelly who has enjoyed a very good year in the Chair. There were visitors from Devon and Gloucestershire in addition of course to a goodly number of members of the SAMMs team. The new Master is a prominent member of the team often playing the part of the Master or Worshipful Sir in the demonstration ceremonies.
Ian White stepped down as Director of Ceremonies after 12 years excellent service his place taken by David Holder.
The new Master surprised Terry Gilbert by making him Lodge organist, much to Terry's amusement.
The Lodge currently has one candidate in the pipeline, no doubt they will have another good year.

In the photo are Ray Guthrie - DPGM, Mike Willis - SW, Master - Garry Makenzie, Junior Warden - Brian Aston, Provincial DC - Ray Johnstone Smith (wearing his Grand ADC chain of Office) and Wayne Kelly the Installing Master.
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