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348 Keeps it in the Family!

The old saying “Keep it in the family” certainly applied to the 2 Fidelity and Unanimity Lodges in Taunton recently. During the month of January, 2 well known Taunton Masons had the pleasure of seeing their son’s enter their respective lodges. Firstly, in Mid- January at our Royal Ark Mariner Lodge, Bro Kevin Neagle of 348 Mark Lodge, son of WBro Colin Neagle was advanced into the degree. Unfortunatly at the very last minute WBro Colin was unable to attend due to Illness, but with the Provincial Grand Master, John Morgan present the Worshipful Commander WBro Nigal Handbury advanced Bro Kevin and welcomed him into the Lodge.
On the last day of January WBro Les Johnson had the pleasure of seeing his son Bro Simon advanced into the Mark Degree. A highlight for Simon was having the signs and tokens of the degree explained to him by his father. The Lodge in turn were proud that WBro Les carried out this ritual at the age of 91. At the festive board Les told the story of when , many years ago, he was Chairman of the Hall Committee and Simon, not yet a Mason used to come in and help him lay out the Temple for the different degrees that were meeting, so he knew the layout of the lodge but had no idea of the content of the ceremony. He found that out on the night!!
Once again the PGM, along with the DPGM were in attendance with members of the Provincial Team, and a most enjoyable evening ensued.
All we wait for now is Bro Simon to consider joining the Ark Mariners and we can truly say we “kept it in the family “

WBro Rod Green. Secretary 348 RAM


348 Mark (above), Provincial Grand Master, Bro Simon Johnson, W.Bro Les Johnson, W.Bro Pat Hitchcock WM.


348 RAM, Provincial Grand Master, Bro Kevin Neagle, W.Bro Nigel Handbury WC.
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