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GLMMM withdraws recognition of French Lodges

“Members are aware of the problems with the G.L.N.F. Recognition has been suspended by U.G.L.E. and 5 or 6 European Grand Lodges.

This will shortly spread to the Mark and other Orders administered from this building as the Grand Lodge of M.M.M. of France take new members from the suspended G.L.N.F.

A number of French brethren have petitioned the Grand Master to form a new Mark Lodge, meeting here, consisting of French brethren. These Mark and R.A.M. Lodges were Consecrated here on Saturday 10th March 2012.

Between the two Consecrations, the founders each received a text message from the Grand Master of the G.L.M.M.M. of France stating they were each expelled from the Order with immediate effect.

The Mark Executive Committee have considered this very recent development and have concluded that they are not able to accept such interference in the organisation and running of the Order in the U.K. and in light of this, they have concluded that they should recommend to the Grand Master that recognition be withdrawn from G.L.M.M.M. France forthwith. The Grand Master has acceded to the recommendation and accordingly, recognition of G.L.M.M.M. France has been withdrawn.

The Mark Executive will recommend to the Executives of the other Orders administered from here that they follow suit and in the meantime all visiting to and from the French equivalents of these Orders be suspended.”

Text of letter dated 15th March 2012 from the Deputy Grand Secretary

To: All Provincial / District Grand Masters
All Provincial / District Grand Secretaries
All Secretaries of Unattached Lodges

Dear Sir and Brother

Recognition of G.L.M.M.M. France

You may be aware that at the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge held at Mark Masons’ Hall on Tuesday 13th March 2012, recognition of the G.L.M.M.M. France was withdrawn and all inter-visiting is now stopped.

Should any brethren be a member of this Constitution and also the French Constitution then, they must resign from one or the other.

A copy of the statement from the President of the General Board is attached and I would be grateful if you could notify the Secretaries of your Lodges of this decision as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely and fraternally

V.W.Bro. S A Mighall, P.G.J.O.
Deputy Grand Secretary
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