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77 years of visiting!

In the minutes of the 56th, meeting of Hallam Lodge, No. 730 on 22nd November 1933 there is mentioned receipt of a letter from the Secretary of the Else Lodge No. 102, inviting the W. Master, Officers and Brethren of the Hallam Lodge to a Visit at Weston-super-Mare on the 13th February 1934.
It is recorded that the decision was to accept, and the W. Master W.Bro A.G. Binding proposed and W.Bro. Dr. Renton, seconded that “We invite the Master, Officers and Brethren of Else Lodge, in return, be invited to visit us at our meeting in February next”.
The Minutes of the 57th meeting of Hallam Lodge on the 28th February 1934 Lists W.Bro. J.B.Given- Master of Else and W. Bros. C.Midgley, A.E.M.Lawrence, A.H.Ward and P.E.Russell together with Bros., Hale, Hill, Jones, Payne, Parker, Wayte and Banbury, all of Else Lodge was in attendance.
NOTE. Else and Hallam still meet each other fraternally each year and many members of Else are also members of Thackeray Royal Ark Mariners Lodge which is moored to Hallam!
By Pat Morrisey.

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