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Provincial Grand Lodge 2016

Under the banner of the Monument Lodge of Mark Master Masons, No. 1295, the Annual meeting of Provincial Grand Lodge met at its usual venue, the Webbington Hotel on what turned out to be the hottest day of the year to date! The meeting, under the eagle eye of the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, Ray Johnston-Smith all rose to receive the banner & members of the Monument lodge, closely followed by visiting dignitaries & Provincial Guests. All rose to greet & applaud the entrance of The Provincial Grand Master for Somerset, The Right Worshipful Brother John Graham Morgan, his Deputy, The Worshipful Brother Philip Voisey & the full Provincial Team. The opening hymn was sung & Provincial Grand Lodge was opened in due & proven form. A delegation of Royal Ark Mariners dressed in their Rainbow Regalia representing the twelve RAM Lodges entered & were warmly greeted by the PGM.

Provincial Grand Lodge was called to order by the Grand Director of Ceremonies to receive the Deputy Grand Master, The Right Worshipful Brother Herbert Keith Emmerson, who was duly saluted with nine, to which he duly responded.


Keith Emmerson addresses the Brethren and Ladies at dinner watched by the PGM and Mark Golding Prov DC.

All Mark Lodges were next called upon each answering with many voices from the lodge members present. Various reports which included the minutes of the 2015 meeting of Grand Lodge & the Treasurer’s Accounts were proposed, seconded & approved by a show of hands.


Nikki Dodd from the charity Hope for Tomorrow addresses Provincial Grand Lodge

Provincial Grand Lodge was Called-Off, after which the PGM welcomed Nikki Dodd, the Somerset & Cornwall Fundraiser for the Charity, “Hope for Tomorrow” the PGM’s Charity for the last year. The target was to raise £15,000 to purchase a Nurse Support Vehicle (NSV) for the Mobile Chemotherapy Unit, (MCU) based at Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton. When the appeal to the Somerset Brethren was closed, the total given totalled £17,830.47! The new vehicle was presented to the staff & charity representatives at Taunton two weeks ago, & was on show to all at the meeting complete with its Mark Masonic logo proudly showing.
Nikki gave a big vote of thanks to the brethren of Somerset for their amazing generosity & described the work of the charity & the part the new vehicle will play as a vital member of the unit. After much applause, the PGM thanked Nikki for her presentation & she was escorted from the Assembly; Nikki was an honoured guest at the following Festive Board.

Nikki Dodd, flanked by Phil Voisey and John Morgan with the newly presented nurse support vehicle.

Provincial Grand Lodge was Called-On. The PGM next re-appointed the Deputy PGM, after which both rose for the main event of the meeting, that being to appoint & invest the new Officers of Provincial Grand Lodge; each greeted & invested individually by the PGM & congratulated by them both.

The Right Worshipful Deputy Grand Master next addressed the meeting, during which he said that this would be the last time in his present post, as he would be stepping down in the near future. PGM John rose to thank the Deputy Grand Master, after which, in his own right he gave his annual address to all present.
Read the PGM's Address.

Taking the floor of Provincial Grand Lodge, PGM John next met & gave a personal Welcome to each new Mark Master Mason who had joined us over the last year & presented every new brother with a souvenir tiepin.

The Grand Director of Ceremonies called the meeting to order & all rose as the Deputy Grand Master retired from the meeting. The closing hymn was sung & alms were collected. The newly appointed Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W. Brother Mark F. Golding called the meeting to order & Provincial Grand lodge was closed in due form, after which the Provincial Grand Master, his Deputy, escorted by the new Provincial Team & visiting Dignitaries retired from the assembly.

Many ladies had accompanied the brethren to the meeting & had been separately entertained by Mr. John Walker who recently retired as a film cameraman, his talk entitled “Behind the Camera” described many unusual, funny & amusing incidents he had witnessed throughout his career.


Ladies and Brethren enjoy the dinner after the Provincial meeting.

After a drink with their menfolk (if you could get near the bar), all retired to the Festive Board where minimum speeches & maximum enjoyment was the order of the day. A happy & special event on the Provincial calendar each year!

Read the minutes of the meeting.
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