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Deputy PGM gets more than he bargains for at Thackeray!

It has become the usual practice that the incoming Commander of Thackeray RAM selects a specific charity for his year in office, and this is supported by the lodge via raffles and charitable giving. So it was for W. Bro. Geoff Seaman who at his Installation last October requested that all such monies raised be donated to the Provincial Grand Master’s Hope for Tomorrow project. The Lodge meeting on April 4th was the last opportunity for the money raised to be handed over to the Province, and it just so happened that the Deputy PGM was to be in attendance and would be the unsuspecting recipient! Under Any Other Business the Commander was therefore able to hand over a cheque for £300 from the Lodge to be passed on to the PGM post haste, much to the pleasure of W. Bro. Geoff and the surprise of W. Bro. Voisey.


Deputy PGM Phil Voisey (left) receives a cheque for £300 from Commander Geoff Seaman.

The surprises continued at the festive board when the Worshipful Commander was able to hand over a further £150 following a very well supported raffle. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master thanked W. Bro. Seaman and the brethren of Thackeray lodge for their very generous donation, saying that it would be put to good use in equipping and running the mobile chemotherapy unit support vehicle which the Province had recently purchased. In all it was a fine ending to W. Bro. Seaman’s year in office and a satisfying result for the Lodge’s charitable giving for the year. Ian Strickland

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