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Provincial Team visit Eldon Lodge

PGM and his team give an explanation of the Mark Tracing Board

At the regular Eldon Mark Lodge meeting at Clevedon Masonic Hall on the 3rd February the PGM and his team of Provincial Officers were present when the Master of Eldon Peter Harris MBE and his team of officers advance Bro Malcolm 'Mac' McKillop. It was a very good ceremony that impressed the candidate and all who witnessed it. The members of the ProvincialTeam then gave an explanation of the Mark Tracing Board.The photos below were taken at the festive board following the meeting.


David Nelson with Advancee Malcolm 'Mac" McKillop and the Master, Peter Harris.


The 'Terrible Two' Provincial Wardens Neil Hawes and Tony Wilcox.


Roy Williams - Lodge Registrar of Marks, Pat Parker - Past Deputy PGM and John Nicholas Provincial Senior Deacon.


Provincial Charity Steward Eric Kellet and David Powell the Provincial Senior Overseer.


Lodge members, Junior Warden - Chris Haliburton, Ron Ponsford who acted as Junior Deacon this evening and looks like he is eating a golf ball! Sandy Sandford the Senior Warden and Mike Duggan.


Father and son duo Dennis and Mark Golding who were Junior Overseer and Senior Deacon respectively. Mark was wearing two hats this evening he is also Provincial ADC.


Barrie Baker the Provincial Inspector of Works and Mike Williams Deputy Provincial Chaplain.


Graham Rice - Provincial Junior Deacon and David Mason who presented the working tools this evening, in addition to conducting the raffle!


The Masters of other Mark Lodges, Terry Harrison - Carnarvon, Chris Beckett - William Long, Nigel Middleton - Somerdale and Mike Morrish - George Norman.

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