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Somerset visit to Mark Grand Lodge

A day in London takes a little bit of planning but fortunately most of that was done by W.Bro Geoff Seaman, all the brethren had to do was book their train tickets and turn up regalia in hand!
From midday the eighteen brethren accompanying the Provincial Grand Master, Phil Voisey and his Deputy, Tony Guthrie, assembled in the Shakespear Tavern in Kingsway just round the corner from Great Queen Street the home of UGLE, where the meeting is held. After refreshment and lunch its off to Freemason Hall for the meeting in the splendid surroundings of the Grand Temple where the meeting commenced at 2.00pm. (after everyone had washed their hands!)
The Deputy Grand Master, R.W.Bro John Prizeman presided over the meeting, you can read his address given near the end of the meeting
here. Apart form the normal business and reports to Grand Lodge the brethren approved donations from the Mark Benevolent Fund totalling almost half a million pounds. The meeting finished just before 4.00pm when the brethren retired the Duke of York for refreshment after labour! From there it is a short walk La Balerina restaurant where the brethren all enjoyed a dinner before making their way back to Waterloo or Paddington to catch their trains home. It was a very successful and enjoyable day, the PGM thanks all those brethren who made the effort to support him.

If you would like to attend a future meeting of Grand Lodge with the PGM please contact
W.Bro Geoff Seaman

The photo of the Brethren attending was taken in the entrance area to the Grand Temple by W.Bro Ray Conneely, W.Bro Mark Golding couldn't be in the photo as he was engaged on official duties as the Deputy Grand DC.

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