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Hallam Lecture

The usual convivial atmosphere pervaded at Hallam Lodge the regular meeting on 24th February, with the Deputy PGM in attendance as well as the annual contingent visiting from Foster Mark Lodge , Wotton under Edge, Bro Tim Reynolds was ably advanced by W.Bro Andy Gray and his team of officers .
The highlight of the ceremony was a superb rendition of the Lecture on the Degree of a Mark Master Mason given in catechetical form for the first time in Hallam Lodge.
Three of our newest brethren , Bros Dave Marriott , Andy Wade and Alan Trask along with the young at heart W.Bro Derek Wilton , gave an outstanding lecture which was met with much praise throughout the evening , impressing members and visitors alike.
With Bro Barrie Webster elected as Master for the ensuing year , Hallam Lodge looks forward to another happy and healthy new season.
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