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Prostate Cancer blood tests will be available at the Provincial Meeting on Saturday 2nd May

The PSA blood tests will be undertaken by the Graham Fulford Trust at the Provincial meeting on Saturday 2nd May. Any Brother wishing to take a test MUST book in at least one week before the meeting.

A  minimum donation of £5 is requested for the cost of the testing. The balance of the cost being subsidised by the Somerset Mark Benevolent Find.

To book in follow this link:-
On the home page, go to events and search for your event Somerset Mark Master Masons.
Click on the event, it is password protected, because this is a closed event. 
The password is:- MASONS
This is case sensitive.
You need to register for an account, then book a convenient time for your test.  Then they complete the health questionnaire. 
At the end you will be asked to print your ticket.  This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT – IT NEEDS PRINTING OFF.  This is also your blood form and will be sent with your blood sample to the laboratory.

If you have problems booking in download this
step by step guide.

If you still have problems booking in contact Richard Cooper
[email protected]

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