The Provincial Grand Master has asked me to start a Lodge of Instruction within the Province, which will be held virtually via Zoom.
As we begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel and we turn our thoughts to once again meeting, this will be great opportunity to meet and share in performing or refreshing ritual.

As the Deputy DC W.Bro. Steve McNaughton and I are staring to plan the meetings, we need officers to fill the offices.
It is a Lodge of Instruction, and not a rehearsal, so you may volunteer to fill any office, or any piece of ritual which you would like to have a go at. It will be a great opportunity to discuss the meeting as we go through as well.

We are initially holding Mark Advancements on the following dates, 6th May, 20th May, 3rd June & 17th June. We will be looking at commencing the meetings at 7.30pm and once we are used to the format and have ironed out any problems which arise we will look at introducing a Lodge of Instruction for the RAM degree, which will take place on the alternating Thursdays. Mark will therefore be on the 1st and 3rd and RAM on the 2nd and 4th.

We have some great computer software, which allows us to have a virtual Lodge floor plan, which shows the movement and position of officers.

Please note that it is not permitted to say any of the passwords or secrets in an online meeting, so the word "Password" is used or the first letter of the word used instead.

Please use the form below to let us know which LOI you wish to attend and what office you would like to take, you can use the common box to indicate your second choice. We will contact you before the meeting with the Zoom log on details. Steve and I look forward to meeting up with you for an enjoyable LOI!

Mark Golding, Past Deputy Grand Director of Ceremonies
Provincial DC Director of Ceremonies


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